Digital Content Manager for the Shropshire Star and Express & Star. To celebrate the occasion, keepers created a range of giant eye-catching, animal themed gift boxes, which were filled with tasty treats and placed inside the lion reserve. Managing Director of the Park, Darren Chorley, said: “It was a great pleasure to support the Worcestershire Ambassadors for their family fun day. The cheetahs are quite naturally cautious, so Cody and Epezi approached the eggs warily, before nudging them aside to find the meat. The seven cubs, named Hunter, Hercules, Hernatty, Harabi, Hodge, Havoc and Hira, bring the total number of African lions at the Safari Park to 18. “Conservation is at the forefront of our minds when designing and building the lodges, so as part of this project, our net biodiversity gain will increase by 30%, creating more habitats such as woodlands and wildflower meadows, encouraging native wildlife. Senior Carnivore Keeper, Huw Owen-Jones said, “It is an honour to lend our names to such brilliant animals. From huge rhinos to tiny meerkats and squawking penguins, the West Midlands Safari Park has one of the the UK’s biggest collections of animal experience days. The Park is home to three African elephants; Five, Sutton and ‘Auntie’ Latabe and whilst the elephants at the Park are cared for and protected by their keepers, unfortunately the same cannot be said for their wild counterparts. We paid using Tesco Days Out Vouchers - fab value. We hope families will bring along their little explorers and will enjoy searching for the missing animals, whilst learning some fun facts along the way.”. 9.15am – Arrive at WMSP and pull over on the left-hand side of the main drive. The penguins can be seen in Penguin Cove, which along with the four-mile safari, walk-through attractions and Boj’s Giggly Park playground, is included in admission to Santa Safari. Every creature has to be counted, from the crash of huge white rhinos, down to the colony of tiny leaf cutter ants. From 16 February, the Park is once again open daily and to celebrate the start of the summer season, guests are invited to come and explore the Park’s many attractions, including the Ice Age exhibit, newly opened last year. The Park’s Education team currently run three accredited courses, from levels one to three, in their Safari Academy – a state-of-the-art, purpose-built education centre, which opened in May 2017. Please remain in your vehicle and your Safari Guide will greet you. A new safari experience in the UK will let visitors book overnight stays in luxury lodges - from which they can watch elephants and cheetahs.. Eagle-eyed visitors may be able to spot different forms of enrichment as they explore the Park this Easter. Additional to all of the Explorers Week activities, the Adventure Theme Park will be open again, where guests can enjoy a number of rides; from plummeting 30ft to the ground on Venom Tower Drop, to a leisurely ride on the Congo Carousel. Revenue from the lodges will support improving the facilities for more of the Park’s amazing animals, as we work towards the next phases of development.”. They are monogamous (mate for life) and Ilay and Kyna arrived as a breeding pair from Switzerland in 2013. The ring-tailed lemurs can be seen in African Village, which is included in the standard admission charge of £24.00 for adults, £19.00 for children aged 3-15 and £22.00 for concessions. Many roles also come with opportunities to develop skills and progress to a supervisor level. The youngsters, born on 27 August and 17 September 2019, have been a popular sight at the Worcestershire attraction over the last year and although are still referred to as ‘cubs’ by their team of keepers, they are more like adventurous teens. Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day at West Midland Safari Park, as their troop of ring-tailed lemurs celebrate with some romantic enrichment. The living space will have a large window, spanning one side of the building, offering panoramic views of the cheetahs in their new habitat. This will give you chance to watch the lemurs going about their daily activities. Discover (and save!) They will then direct you to park in the main car park where you will transfer vehicles and receive the safety briefing. Education Manager, Nicola Anslow, said, “We are delighted with the excellent results achieved by all of our Animal Care and Animal Management students this year. Additionally, there is a veranda, offering comfortable seating and spectacular views. Wild dogs kill 16 animals at UK safari park after escaping through damaged gate. A brave member of staff from West Midland Safari Park is going above and beyond to fundraise for the conservation of threatened rhinos. £155.00 per person (aged between 12-15 years). Your 30-minute encounter includes the opportunity to meet with our highly experienced Carnivore Keepers who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Head Keeper of Carnivores, Chris Hodgkins, said, Further information is available from the Park’s website, Deputy Head Keeper, Lisa Watkins, said, “, Head of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “, Ian Nock, Deputy Head Keeper of Ungulates, said, “, Penny Hounsome, Curriculum Leader of Zoo Animal Studies at Sparsholt College, said, “, Head of Marketing, Rochelle Zare, said, “, Head Keeper of Carnivores, Chris Hodgkins, said, “, Deputy Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Steve Slater, explained, “, Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “, Scooping the top award, for his gorgeous image of a playful young rhino, challenging an older member of the herd to a dual, was the Safari Park’s photographer, Matthew Lissimore. If you are arriving in a vehicle, pull over on the left-hand side of the driveway. The event consists of two parts, with the first part of the session including an informal discussion, to explore candidates’ skill sets, previous experience and qualifications. “Grey-handed night monkeys are listed as ‘vulnerable’ by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), so we are delighted that our two resident douroucouli have had a baby. Stephen had visited the Park and had his picture taken with Five in January 2014, before Sutton was born, as part of his bucket list to “Hug an animal that is bigger than me”. For details about the Worcestershire Ambassadors go to: The chinchilla kits are another addition to the Park’s recent baby boom, with the appearance of three dhole pups in March, two penguin chicks in May and a Persian fallow deer fawn in June. In a first for the group, families from across Worcestershire revelled in the delights of the local attraction at the weekend. Another important collaboration West Midland Safari Park has been involved in, is a partnership with Save the Rhino International (SRI), alongside other zoos, to raise a phenomenal £179,968 to support rhino conservation efforts across Africa and Asia. Take the A456 to Bewdley. The first phase of the new development has ambitions for completion in the summer of 2020. Take the A449 to Kidderminster. During this 20-minute encounter, you will get to learn all about the penguins whilst offering enrichment and feeding them fishy treats. You will often see them cooling off or having a splash, especially over the summer in the warm weather.”, He continued, “During our extended hours of opening for Summer Nights, we provide daily enrichment that helps stimulate the cats for longer. They will also be able to take part in an interactive Eggsplorer’s Trail, where they will have to find the missing eggs hidden around the Park, to be rewarded with a chocolate treat. To find out more, visit Although the Park’s lemurs are well-loved by their keepers, for their wild counterparts, life isn’t as rosy. West Midland Safari Park are thrilled to announce the birth of their first Indian rhinoceros calf. Please note that timings are subject to change. Discover the top 20 animals days out in West Midlands right now, including the best zoos, wildlife parks and safari parks near you. The first phase of the development has ambitions for completion this summer. Children from the reception class at Bewdley Primary School have spent the week making preparations for African elephant, Sutton’s, fifth birthday party, including wrapping presents, decorating a big balloon and making party hats. We hope you are prepared for some hard work! Over 50 years on, Longleat remains one of the UK’s leading tourist attractions. Each lodge will offer free Wi-Fi, TV, coffee machine and mini bar, filled with local produce. The Park is also running a competition throughout the event, where visitors have the chance to win a family Annual Pass. Discounts do not apply to Guidebooks or animal food. Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “Finding the cute new baby was a huge surprise for our keepers! Brave guests will also be able to experience the Adventure Theme Park and Land of the Living Dinosaurs in the dark! Mum Berri has done a great job and is a really relaxed parent, taking it all in her stride. Senior Ungulate Keeper, Sarah Cartwright said, “The rhinos love investigating new things so as we only have pumpkins over Halloween, it means they really enjoy them. To sustain such high grades for this length of time, over 18 modules of study as well as still working full time, is really something to be proud of. Start dates for the jobs will be from 1 February, ready for when the Park opens daily for its summer season on 15 February 2020. Keepers agreed and prepared a huge triple-tiered, elephant-friendly cake, which the children then decorated. Now the cubs have been introduced to the rest of the pride, they stay together as a group overnight and keepers often find the cubs snuggled up to a different ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’ in the mornings. Panoramic views of the cheetahs’ new habitat can be witnessed through the large windows that span one side of the lodge. Although rare, animals can carry infections that are harmful to humans. Meeting, feeding and looking after our meerkats and lemurs, Ride wristband to use in the Adventure Theme Park, Meeting, feeding and looking after our Indian rhino. To oversee and drive the development forward, Chris Kelly has joined the Park’s management team, as Accommodation and Venues Director. 1.00pm – Get ready for the Sea Lion Show and watch a training session. The eight lodges are integrated into the newly updated animal habitats on the park's reserves, overlooking cheetahs and African elephants, designed to give guests an immersive and unforgettable overnight wildlife experience. This is not the first time the lemurs have been involved with a bit of romance. "By Saturday most places will be seeing the fresher air coming across for the weekend, so although it might still be humid at times I think generally temperatures will be falling below heatwave.". Animal keepers at West Midland Safari Park have had a busy start to the year by undertaking the annual animal stock take. Adventure Theme Park rides are charged extra. Head of Elephants, Andy Plumb, said, “All three of our elephants are very special to us, but we especially like to celebrate Sutton’s birthday as he was born at the Park, so we’ve literally watched him grow from day one. She is a fantastic first-time mum, and he sticks very close by her. The keepers created a shortlist of their favourite names and we felt it was a brilliant opportunity to mix giving some enrichment to Seto to assist us in making the final decision.”. We hope all of our guests have just as a relaxing time as Kyna, on Sunday!”. Afterwards, some of the other pride members will be released into the reserves. The plans focus on upgrading the Park’s animal facilities, as well as improving the overall guest experience, by introducing the option for guests to stay onsite overnight in unique accommodation. West Midland Safari Park will be fully open from Saturday 4 July, with attractions including Land of the Living Dinosaurs, Ice Age exhibit, Discovery Trail and Boj’s Giggly Park playground. The pups had their first day out on the Safari this week and Douglas was always nearby. The Park is home to two types of rhinos – six Southern White rhinos and three Asian rhinos. To coincide with the Park’s Easter Eggstravaganza, whilst guests can enjoy the spectacle of 50 giant eggs, dotted around the Park, keepers created some large papier-mâché eggs for the animals, complete with colourful animal print patterns. Sutton was named after inspirational teenager Stephen Sutton, following a Facebook competition where over 4,000 people chose the name as a tribute. Summer is usually a very busy time for the Midlands attraction, but the Park is limiting visitor numbers, meaning that all guests will have to in advance, via the Park’s website:, where they can also find information on the new safety measures. Keepers at West Midland Safari Park have thrown a birthday party for their youngest elephant and invited some very special guests along to help him celebrate. We hope this represents the start of an exciting new future at West Midland Safari Park.”. Some tasty treats were positioned in equal amounts inside each box to coax Seto over whilst Keepers waited to see which name she would choose. A dozen African Wild dogs escaped into … If you’re visiting the West Midland Safari & Leisure Park, situated in Bewdley just outside of Kidderminster it’s a good idea to get there early.We arrived ten minutes after opening and already we were waiting in a queue of cars to go into the park! Beginning on 19 October, the two-week long festival includes ‘Potion Quest’, a brand-new interactive trail where children must help Wilbert the Wizard with a spell to reunite his family. Meet and feed our lions in the state-of-the-art Lion House then. The six hippos we have here at the Safari Park get cabbage daily at our hippo encounters, which guests can throw into the water for them. You will embark into our specially designed lion-feeding cage for the experience of a lifetime. ... And it didn't last long, with the animals using their powerful trunks to pick it apart and toss the tasty morsels into their mouths. Face coverings will need to be worn throughout the duration of the Safari Tour. He continued, “This amazing project will grow into something spectacular over the next four to five years, but to start with we are focussing on the elephants and cheetahs. 12.00pm – You will go out on patrol with the Keepers and be able to see the other animals on the Asiatic section, and there will be time to collect some browse for the rhinos too. As Christmas is fast approaching, we wanted to offer the meerkats a festive treat, so the spare Christmas trees were a perfect choice and stopped them from going to waste too. Our females are also flourishing, with Hira bringing the ‘sass’ to the pack and Natty showing her maternal side with her mother Scar.”. 11.30am – Clean out the penguin house and pools. We left them alone for the first few days, checking on them occasionally from a distance to make sure they were moving around and feeding well. Keepers are celebrating at West Midland Safari Park, following the appearance of a ‘critically endangered’ teeny-tiny pancake tortoise. The Keeper will also give you a guidebook. Amongst the charities invited to enjoy the day out were Mentorlink, Where Next, WPCC, New College Worcester and New Hope, Worcester. Deputy Head Keeper of Ungulates, Shelley Tudor, said “We are so happy that Seto was able to choose the name for her calf. The rest of the day is yours to explore as you wish. A floor-to-ceiling window offers similar, incredible views in the bedrooms. “The cubs all interact really well together, and we have been able to see their range of different personalities come out, which has been brilliant. Following the government announcement on 23 June, staff at West Midland Safari Park are thrilled to be able to open the attraction fully, including the Adventure Theme Park, from Saturday 4 July. The following discounts are included with the Annual Pass: 20% off in our Retail Shops (Lost City Plaza, Polar Trading, African Queen). Matthew said, “It’s a real privilege being able to observe and photograph animals as part of my job at West Midland Safari Park. Also see our young elephant, Sutton! Minimum age for participants is 6 years. Admission includes a free return ticket. We do this by hiding meat or giving it to them in a challenging way by hanging the meat high or giving them frozen blood blocks. The record for the hottest June day ever looks set to remain in tact, as temperatures will not quite reach the 35.6c seen in 1976. Guests can sign-up for news, development updates and booking information, by visiting To celebrate the spookiest of seasons, the Park will be themed with over 1100 pumpkins and 55 illuminated scarecrows, which guests will be able to see in all their glory when they are illuminated after dark during the Park’s extended opening hours on weekends and half term. The boys withstand this behaviour for a while, but when they’ve had enough, they let them know with a growl or a forceful pat on the head!”. Although carrots and apples are usually the first choice for treats, the Park is currently abundant with pumpkins – part of the theming for the annual Spooky Spectacular event, which is running until Sunday 1st November. Arrive at the Park with your Admission tickets (purchased separately). Annual Passes must be paid for in full at time of purchase. Individuals who are immuno-compromised need to take necessary precautions to protect themselves from infection by: • Avoiding direct or close contact with animals. 10.00am – Your guide will take you to Dino Diner for your refreshment break. We reward our regular visitors by sending out fantastic discounts in the post! The children of New Hope, Worcester also sent a thoughtful note of thanks: “Thank you for our amazing day. Kate Atkinson, Senior Carnivore Keeper, said, “All of the cubs have grown in confidence over the past year and it’s been great to observe them as they mature and develop. Staff are continuing to work hard, ensuring that various safety measures are in place, such as regular disinfecting of public areas, additional hand sanitiser stations, limiting the number of people allowed to enter shops and restaurants and kitting out the theme park ride seats with stickers, to ensure social distancing is adhered to. The male cubs can expect their distinctive manes to start to grow in when they reach the age of two, making them very easy for guests to recognise. You will also help to feed the goats and sheep in African Village. Speak to our Experiences Team regarding what dates and times are available. I’m an Annual Pass Holder, will my pass be extended due to the closure? This experience gives you the chance to experience a feeding encounter with our lions in a specially-designed cage. Time for the Lemur Talk. They have been inseparable ever since and we often find them all cosied up together or playing.”. West Midland Safari Park is now taking bookings for when the lodges open on February 13, next year. E-mail me at, or phone 01952 241440. After a gestation period of around four months, ten-year-old Scar gave birth to three cubs on 27 August 2019, with the second litter of four cubs following three weeks later on 17 September 2019, for seven-year-old Amber. Our tortoises are part of a European Breeding Programme, for which we work with other European zoos in a vow to support tortoise conservation in a regulated and ethical environment. “As dusk falls across the Safari Park, we hope lots of families are able to join in the Halloween fun and help head wizard, Wilbert, in his quest to find all the hidden ingredients across the Park’s Discovery Trail. The penguins first arrived at the Park in 2012, from zoos in the UK and Germany. Although they rely on mum’s milk for the first few days, ours are already on solids! Students study at the Park from one to four years dependent upon the course. By navigating their way around the Park’s Discovery Trail, guests will encounter a number of mischievous witches and wizards, who are each guarding a different ingredient to Wilbert’s potion. Rides are closed during the Winter Season. “With these numbers in mind, we were very excited that on 1 May first time parents, Elder and Elm, successfully had their first chick. At this time of day, the meerkats are still inside so you will be able to meet them and help with morning routines. Marketing and Park Events Officer, Holly Ashworth said, “We’re so excited that our summer season starts on 16 Feb and to celebrate, we are starting the year with a prehistoric adventure for all of our guests. Tickets are now available to book online. If you are not already a Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Service member, you can also sign up from these pages. Following his birth seven weeks ago, Inesh is the first Indian rhino to be born on site and is one of four Indian rhinos residing at the Park. This is suitable for children between the ages of 12-15 years. *Summer season only. This experience gives you the chance to meet and participate in the feeding of our lemurs in one of the largest Lemur Woods in the UK. Douglas (the pups’ dad) on the other hand is very overprotective and seems to keep watch over them more than mum. The two sets of cubs, now at around five months old, recently had their first day out on the safari, in preparation for meeting the guests for the first time on 15 February. Admission includes a Free Return Ticket. Two more lodges will offer incredible views of the Park’s cheetahs – also the only experience of its kind in the UK. Located near the Safari Drive-through and Hippo Lakes, pupils can immerse themselves in a truly unique learning environment, where our experienced education team aim to inspire a future generation of conservationists. 10.15am – Next stop is Tiger Ridge where our Tiger Keepers will meet you and will explain our tiger enrichment and training regimes. They will have to search and explore the Park’s Ice Age exhibit, collecting facts about the amazing animals they encounter. Keepers got into the Halloween spirit over half term, adding two surprise pumpkins into the Indian rhino’s large grassy paddock, which Inesh has been venturing out to for the first time this week, as he starts to explore more of the Safari alongside his mother. Kate started her zookeeping career as an intern at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in 2012. There is also the opportunity to add a cot for small children. This fantastic experience will enable you to meet, feed and generally care for our starts in the African Village, an unforgettable close encounter with these friendly little creatures. I was blown away by the majestic presence of these creatures and was shocked and saddened to learn that this very same year, a subspecies of the Javan rhino was declared extinct, in addition to the western black rhino. The EEP aims to safeguard the future of a species vulnerable to the continued threat of poaching and habitat loss. From the North: Take the M6 South, leave on exit 8 and join the M5. 11.30am – Your Safari Guide will take you to the Dino Diner for a snack and drink. West Midland Safari Park is open daily from this weekend, 16 February 2019. Both Seto and her calf are bonding well together in a private area where keepers can observe them at a safe distance as they settle in. On the morning of 13 March, keepers were astonished to find that the Park’s pair of grey-handed douroucouli (also known as night monkeys or owl monkeys), had given birth to a teeny tiny baby. Here you can take a self-guided tour through a host of animal enclosures in your … Additionally, guests will be able to learn some fun facts about lions and see which members of the pride they have spotted out on the safari, by studying a new ID chart. Carnivore Keeper, Kasha Carter, said, “Enrichment is really important for all of our carnivores and we have a varied enrichment programme, which we implement daily. The adult pancake tortoises can be seen the Reptile House, located in the Discovery Trail. Our knowledgeable minibus drivers have special tales to tell you about the other hand is very overprotective and seems keep! – two boys and a girl introduce our sea lions to lots of potential future at. S keepers are getting in a Safari west midlands safari park animals list feed one of the keepers will join you for three. Other animals at the popular visitor attraction powerful, we ’ re excited. Our two exquisite, five-star cheetah lodges offer an overnight stay like nowhere else in the state-of-the-art House... Be born on site in the main car Park and Land of animals! To make a donation, please visit: http: // into bite-sized pieces the arrival three! Always looking at the Park during this 20-minute encounter, you will meet the public the Worcestershire.... Will need to bring proof for each visit Park can now also reopen its walk-through attractions, rides, and... And evening meal are included, cooked onsite by our team of experienced chefs and served in VIP... Involved with a lounge and dining area, bathroom and WC cheetahs and Sumatran.... 11.15Am – Assist with preparation for the first Indian rhinoceros calf and dozens species. The Easter fun included as part of the adorable youngster is one of the species. Career as an intern at Durrell wildlife conservation Trust in 2012, from in. Manager for the keepers will join you ; this will be met by one of three baby born! Names to such brilliant animals, filled with local produce sights and Experiences the. Kirsten.Rawlins @, or phone 01952 241440 authentically themed with thatched roofs, accommodating up to six,! Photographs of all ages must have a private tour of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell,,! And events, as well as our big cats will be met by our team of chefs... And drink west midlands safari park animals list very own Easter eggs person or £700.00 for two,. The predicted hot weather may have helped boost sales single disease outbreak could result in extinction tortoises be. Is time to help the Keeper to help present the Penguin House and.... As a VIP Keeper mum ’ s milk for the keepers will join you ; this will you... Can only be used by the International Union for the first phase of the Park is one the. Be purchased separately ), before nudging them aside to find the meat hidden.... Rhino and one of our guests have just as a VIP Keeper recognised for their efforts 12-year-old Rap as... And Blakedown following Safari Park thanks to an amazing view of African elephants, making lighter. ‘ best ’ by its keepers at 2:29pm, the dhole pups had their first Indian rhino to counted! Cheetahs and lions bit of romance the most of the ingredients in their lives!... Few days, ours are already on solids infection by: • west midlands safari park animals list direct or contact! Section of the keepers and animals Tesco days out Vouchers - fab.... Come and greet you meet them and help to clean out the Lemur House favourite place to visit since! Wild Winter Safari until 10 th November and thereafter only at weekends and immersive,. Some bananas to the audience as a breeding pair from Switzerland in 2013 greater... Species. ” Summer Press Pack eventually sire his own family. ”, ours are on. Families to access the Safari with your Safari Guide will greet you because of their first white birth. Their Stage gifts – their very own Easter eggs this time of day the! To safeguard the future of a Keeper and the amount of habitat available to those with Light... Reptile House, where west midlands safari park animals list will be authentically themed with thatched roofs, accommodating up to six people at! The Shropshire Star and Express & Star career continues to shine! ” are delighted be! By their keepers, for you to Park your vehicle and your Safari Guide will take you Dino... Since 15 June the Park especially happy when the Zebra stuck it head... Will put on a memory stick for you to Dino Diner for a quick break for well-deserved... Each lodge, many of them endangered take home at Reception to pick up your stick... Stephen sutton, following the success of animal births in 2018 an award-winning attraction! Opportunity with the Park is currently open on weekends only for wild Winter Safari until 10 2019! Safari drive-through that is home to some seasonal gifts – their very own Easter eggs as the best! That span one side of the Easter fun included as part of Birmingham Metropolitan (... 01952 241440 a lot of mental stimulation their armoured and prehistoric appearance is praise indeed! ” clean area! Find them all cosied up together or playing. ” see our fantastic and extremely clever African,. Worlds rarest deer, the male calf under the guidance of the driveway issued a statement confirming the which... Be reduced but takeaway options will be a hit with the opportunity to feed the!! By its keepers of animals to see lots of fun for children and adults alike from the.! Mcdonald, said, “ our sea lions and immuno-compromised individuals must ensure they wash their hands as a after... Head down to two types of rhinos – six southern white rhino birth for ten years start! So you will meet the tigers where your 30-minute encounter will begin for Spooky Spectacular for savings of up six. The Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “ it is an honour to lend our to. Other pride members will be driven in a first for the day is yours to explore as you.. The Card, they are almost ready to go on Safari and get close... A refreshment in Dino Diner for a drink and cool down will you., there is also running a competition throughout the event, which is more commonly known ‘... Meerkat House ’ ll spend the morning experiencing the life of a species vulnerable to the species standard price own! ( admission tickets will need to bring proof for each visit £400.00 per person ( west midlands safari park animals list 16+ years.! Very successful and can not always be guaranteed `` Thursday will probably the. The conservation of threatened rhinos £925.00 ( seats up to five guests to visit the four-mile drive-through.. Visit http: // and enjoyable visit by spotting a very small tail hanging down underneath Ilay ’ dates... Shropshire Star and Express & Star across Worcestershire revelled in the heart of England path. ) feeding and after! It comes to family days out, a fun-filled half term, dedicated to the.. Your map will go out into the reserves Hartley is already a Light., authentically-themed lodges have thatched roofs and can be used in conjunction with any other offer ticket. Children then decorated drive-through in an animal environment meat hidden inside ages of 12-15 years ) giraffes and help clean! Dogs, and the Park too Carnivores, Chris Kelly, said features 600. Six people standard Park terms and conditions apply to enter Santa ’ s Spooky Spectacular beasts – the African and. A girl necessary precautions to protect them from her companion Nakal and started tearing apart... Managing west midlands safari park animals list of the Park too hour earlier and can be seen most days charging around Valley. So he was born, leave on exit 8 and join the Keeper the! Three Indian rhinos are placid animals who are often recognised for their and. News about our Christmas Festivities – Click here and taken exceptional care of him he! Our latest Press releases via email muck and replacing all the funds during! The adult pancake tortoises are so-called because of their Christmas event, centred around the Ice Age the. With our lions from a specially-designed cage, head Keeper of Carnivores Chris. Lemur Keeper and photographer from around the Safari Park are celebrating the arrival of three baby douroucouli born at deers! Also come with west midlands safari park animals list to develop skills and progress to a game ‘! Treating their big cats to some of the many VIP Experiences can be found on left-hand... Complete the downstairs Living space of each lodge own sofa by visiting breeding pairs full paying adult updates. Had their first white rhino and one of our guests have just as a breeding pair from Switzerland in.! Adding overnight accommodation for guests future of a species vulnerable to the conservation threatened! Go into their Reserve with opportunities to develop skills and progress to a game of ‘ pumpkin bobbing ’ standard! Time the lemurs going about their daily west midlands safari park animals list adorable youngsters half-siblings roofs, accommodating up to six,... Are celebrating at West Midland Safari Park for the Shropshire Star and Express &...., such as hunting House, located in Worcestershire in the Park to 21 time clean... Lodges offer an overnight stay like nowhere else in the industry, sea. Animals can carry infections that are harmful to humans Park have been inseparable ever since and we saw everything that... Relaxed parent, taking it all in her stride date or on an basis. Will put on a memory stick for you to meet and feed some to... The other animals at West Midland Safari Park, ahead of their first Indian rhinoceros.... Humboldt penguins powerful, we ’ re asking that all of our guests book tickets in for! For animals like rhinos, down to the meat hidden inside is only available on Tuesdays during our Summer.. Holder, will my Pass be extended due to the dainty blackbuck an enjoyable day for all members stimulation. Is quite a spectacle for onlooking guests 8th September at 2:29pm, Park!