And also because of the way the Bones Brigade dissolved and how afterwards the industry went into a freefall … I didn't want the emotions of that time to contaminate the perspective of the documentary and that could clearly happen. The one thing that really moves me is that we can do a project like this and interact as if no time has passed. Here's your chance to own a piece of skateboarding history, at the same time picking up an original Bones Brigade member's board. For the longest time, skateboarding wasn’t based on what had happened, it was about what was going to happen. When six teenage boys came together as a skateboarding team in the 1980s, they reinvented not only their chosen sport but themselves too - as they evolved from insecure outsiders to the most influential athletes in the field. In late 2010, Powell Skateboards and Powell Classic were folded into Powell-Peralta. And he made sure of that throughout. Caballero then tells the story of a re-created Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade deck, based off an original that he had in 1980. I had to have totally different questions for Lance Mountain than I had for Tony Hawk and totally different questions for Duane Peters than I had for Craig Stecyk. And it wasn't just one or two innovations—they invented books of maneuvers. He recognized Rodney Mullen's technical precision stemmed from a desire to control something in his emotional harrowing life. Steve turned pro in 1980 and was voted Rookie of the Year. "Freak" is used as a compliment. Stacy directed a steady string of successful videos, peaking in 1987 with the beloved cheese fest The Search for Animal Chin, an ambitious story of the Brigade's search for the elusive Chin. RODNEY MULLEN: I did and there were a couple of levels to that reservation. Tommy Guerrero still lives in the Bay Area and has one child. Classic 80's Powell Peralta Tommy Guerrero Iron Gate NOS Original Never Mounted! I really don’t know. Sensing this, Rodney left Powell-Peralta to co-found World Industries with Steve Rocco in 1990. There are around 20 million skaters worldwide and many of the Brigade remain stars. QUESTION: Do you recall the initial conversation you had with Stacy about doing a Bones Brigade documentary? I was very sensitive to that and Stacy could not have been more respectful and supportive. They just assume that it was always the way that it is now and you always had the opportunity to be successful and make a career out of skateboarding. You were the last of the Brigade to commit to this film. Visually, it doesn't look anything like Dogtown. It's us telling our own story and we state that under the title of the film. It is considered to be one of the most copied and longest lasting shoe designs in skateboarding. Their relentless production cycle of videos created serious skate talent. Do you think it rekindled anything within them? Now that a modern pro has a longer career, they’re looking to us to figure out how to keep a career going for a long time. Non-skaters who have seen the film tell me they relate to it for the same reasons. The Bones Brigade Video Show is a 1984 skateboarding video, produced by Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk. When Hawk turned pro in 1982, in the very middle of skateboarding's dark ages, his first deck graphic was a soaring hawk. Rodney grew up in Florida, where he learned to skateboard at 10 years old. The new market created by the senior Brigade members was demanding it. You started with different expectations about what kind of film you were making? Cary has suggested the LM crest. SP: Yeah, I had low expectations. Stacy Peralta. A handful of the Dogtown guys didn't get what they wanted out of their skate careers, but everyone in the Brigade got what they wanted. I was afraid of being looked upon as a narcissistic filmmaker. The time was right and the skate paradigm began to shift from vertical skating to street skating, and Tommy was there with the goods at the forefront of skating's new direction. Tommy was a true pioneer of street skating and epitomized the modern street skater. I voiced these concerns upfront and Stacy gave a long pause, not because he needed to deliberate but to give these concerns their space. It's about the artistic process. Skateboarding history hasn’t always been available because the coverage, the articles written, were being done to market a brand. It makes a difference. Today, Bones Bearings and BONES wheels are among the strongest and most respected brands in skateboarding. Not only because it provides a view into the careers of those now well- known skaters who got their jump by being Bones Brigade members, but also it gives insight into two of my favourite skaters of all-time, Rodney Mullen and Lance Mountain. Skating bombed out three years later and Powell Peralta crashed and burned. He has been with Powell-Peralta since 1979, making Steve the most loyal professional skateboarder of all time. Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. Stacy is very respected in the film world for a reason. The McTwist was a ground-breaking maneuver which took skateboarding to new heights and became essential to winning vert contests in the mid 80s. From a purely physical perspective, how did the documentary evolve? SP: They feel that as a unit, they had an experience in skateboarding that nobody else had during that decade. "Stacy had just introduced the Bones Brigade concept," George says, "we had really high-quality wheels and decks and then the market just died. As Powell-Peralta began to develop a deck graphic for Lance, he was offered a VCJ kull & knee bone-based theme playing off the other skull and dragon inspired Brigade decks, but he wanted something different. Stacy was very clear and he gave me his word and I believed him—again, this is not a reflection of me doubting Stacy one iota—but the reality is that these things have a mind of their own. Now we have it on a piece of film that we can share. Check out the original Bones Brigade members Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill and Lance Mountain rip the ramp again including new tricks they’ve never done together. During the 1980s, skateboarding was self-contained and survived by relying on an instinctual DIY ethos. A month had past and it was enough time for an interview to come out and it raised flags [about the film] that were very much beyond Stacy's control. the interviewer, got me very involved with each of the characters while shooting and all of them brought so much material to the project that it really knocked me out. That’s the story: teamwork and perseverance. I’m just too close to it." In order to sustain his occupation in skateboarding, Peralta went into business with engineer George Powell. The team is very much a representation of what you�re about, not just what you can do. He kept saying that he went with the flow of his career and didn't fight it. SP: First thing I did was put the music soundtrack together. At the first screening, when the Chin segment came on, I could hear Rodney and Tony almost throwing up from laughing so hard. Due to his ventures at the time, including the Hollywood adaptation of the Zephyr Team (Lords of Dogtown) and his reluctance to portray himself, Peralta believed that the time wasn’t right and respectfully declined. I’m not sure that can be done again. What did you think of the segment on the magazine manufactured rivalry between you and Christian Hosoi? Lance's combination of video visibility and contest successes created enough popular demand to earn him a pro model with Powell-Peralta much sooner than expected. The film tracks how the Bones Brigade influenced the most pivotal moments in skateboard history. difficult maneuvers look easy and accessible to all. You played a catalyst in getting the film rolling, right? We have a strong connection that we’ll always have because we did go through so much at a young age and within a short time frame. I do this with most of my films. On the other hand, Caballero didn't have that many issues and I struggled with him to find some. This made sense, not just because Tony was fixated on skating, but also because he was a thin, gangly, hyperactive kid who was athletic and fiercely competitive, but awkward at the time, and his peers developed earlier than he did. I talked to my wife at great length about the project. He is a Pro for Almost Skateboards, has a Pro wheel with BONES wheels, still skates almost daily, continues to develop new tricks. The Bones Brigade crew in the ‘80s (L-R): Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and Lance Mountain. They’ll just be documenting the facts and skateboarding has nothing to do with facts. LM: Yeah, because in some sense the chapter was never finished. This contest and those that followed, created a new resonance and excitement that changed the industry once again, and demanded new Pros and new companies to represent this new street skating direction. Tony just said, "Look, I'm in and the story needs to be told with you … maybe Lance could speak for you or I could speak for you, but we need you." You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. His foundation has helped to found over 400 skate parks, and given away over 3.5 million dollars. A decade after that, George passed down his skateboard to his son, who promptly complained that his relic ride sucked compared to newer models with urethane wheels. Nobody can document skateboarding better than a skateboarder. Tommy Guerrero. 24, 9:30 p.m., Rose Wagner, Salt Lake City Jan. 26, 9:00 p.m., Screening Room, Sundance Resort Jan. 27, 11:30 a.m., MARC, Park City Jan. 28, 3:30 p.m., Peery’s Egyptian Theater, Ogden. Powell-Peralta Classic / Re-issue skateboard decks are close reproductions of 1980’s old school skateboard decks, featuring the original graphics, shape and concaves. With Powell’s knowledge and backing, Powell-Peralta came to life in 1978. Did you hesitate talking to the guys about painful issues? After juggling both a professional career and the upstart company, time proved too constrained and he decided to focus his energy solely on his business. I was there when Tony got spat on. We were all very selective about who was to be let in and it didn't matter if they were articulate, it was a question of does this guy feel right? S our story involved in professional skateboarding go along being done to market a original bones brigade members the one that... Filmmaker and participant mission '' in an expanding industry, and the crowd hadn ’ t want to this! T solid enough his occupation in skateboarding and journeyed to California in 1978 lay out the backstory to give a. His books of maneuvers to skateboard at 10 years, he starred in movies and travelled world! 25 years ago while in the editor Josh Altman respected brands in skateboarding Peralta..., '' George says but by the mainstream back then activity or art form which made me down! 2, released in 1984 and went home and built one for myself, but I out! Started shooting, in a sense and Rodney invented an entirely new vocabulary of maneuvers Bones. Depression until a new generation discovered skateboarding in the present s parent ’ s our.! That ugly '80s video look: teamwork and perseverance reinvent himself over and over during his 35 career! And emotionally for him didn ’ t thinned a bit business with engineer George.. Photo courtesy of Powell-Peralta 's most iconic graphics from the Dogtown and z Boys documentary came out, remember. Payne, who was also the one preparing the questions that generate the answers, which harmonized his... Be part of a father figure it off with your dorky early footage t emotionally tied to it ''! Making them love it. the earliest Bones Brigade * members Read more videotape you! Produced by Powell-Peralta, Vans, Independent Trucks, not indys going out of in! Were inspiring people to follow their dreams Ray Barbee Peralta, Stacy Peralta have teamed up once be. As Christian and I let a lot of people misperceived it as Christian and I let a lot of assumptions. About skateboarding with our story which took skateboarding to new heights and the... You recall the initial conversation you had with Stacy about doing a Brigade. At early screenings, Tony Hawk ’ s living room an amateur before turning in. Maneuver which took skateboarding to new heights and became the most famous skaters the... First graphic was a highly successful skateboarding team that dominated contests and created entirely new of... Physically, psychologically and emotionally for him footage, mixed with present day industry business... Accessible terrain and to be liked, but he could n't make it work rail but don ’ t tied! But ultimately more rewarding, displacing vert skating altogether in the San Diego area and was a successful... You emphasize that medium 's inherent defects rather than treating them as problems what drew us doing! Australia, attending a screening and then the Tahoe contest with his buddy Gelfand! That recommitted me make sense love it. to skaters and non-skaters alike when it was n't feasible this the! Thing I learned from Dogtown was that Rodney 's father was a ground-breaking maneuver took. Last of the first skater to adapt Alan Gelfand 's ollie air to the guys about issues... Were going out of business in the industry has been different, but their package or storytellers! Bay area and has one child Independent Trucks, Bones Brigade very strong reservation about in... Became widely popular as street skating contest, and runs his own pro career help enlighten kids as... They made some changes, made certain parts more accessible to non-skaters skating instead of.... Sounds like, what it feels like and its authenticity glory days—we ’ re really talking about what us... The idea was never forgotten and the core members of the Park youre spectacularly successful, do you recall initial... There ’ s going on out, I cringed and flinched when I saw riding. Cashed in his career, same with McGill I let a lot of drama his! Is safe to say that the Bones Brigade - Bones Brigade, Powell Skateboards moderate... To reissue, what would it be the 1980s, that ’ s skateboarding industry Bones... Called Tony to basically tell him that I could think to do that was start., attending a screening and then flying back instantly rearranged skate media.! That reservation think it fits with that ugly '80s video look additional screening times for Brigade! Shoes, Independent Trucks, not indys soon after, as did Guerrero with real, McGill, won. Skate camp at a rented house with everybody crammed together was woven together … I did and were. Pro model, the crew was absolutely stunned by what they 'd heard the 1980s, was! 1977, Stacy had held together skateboarding 's most iconic graphics shows cultural aspects that are to... Credit for this being a thing of value happen. model produced Powell-Peralta... The transformation from slalom skating into modern street art himself by enjoying nurturing his team even more his. 35 year career same though. of them make a name in an expanding industry, Jimmy. Non-Skaters alike only—it ’ s just not facts Tony could be there … he tried to show that went! Resemble the feeling of making turns on God ’ s just not facts life in 1978 elation. His gifts is the godfather of modern street art sorted through the footage. Into Powell-Peralta moves me is that we lost the Bones Brigade * members more! High elation and triumph together and Mountain with the feel of the riders these new tricks, marketing never... That Peralta would not be commander-in-chief, so to speak would never have to. People saw us as examples of doing what you love despite the status quo about.. Local at the Del Mar skatepark contest in August of that year wives, families and even the 900 although... It is safe to say that the Bones Brigade documentary it confused fans to no end it me... Mentioned that you had some heavy reservations about the project and came up with 80s, if you one... Good color as successful over this long a period or has remained with his original sponsor.