O.J. Murphy | Donna Tubbs-Brown; Cleveland Brown Jr. Loretta Brown; Mahmoud | Jabba the Swanson | New York Mafia | Dr. Nerse | Mike Henry, who is white, has voiced Brown since the Seth MacFarlane-helmed … Crimes Cleveland Brown | Laine | Junior is a wolf in sheep's clothing, who will occasionally snap and go full-on psycho if he loses control of his emotions, which is especially scary, considering his dangerously advanced superhuman strength. B. Emerson Plunkett V | David Schwimmer | Stewie: Alright Brian, I'm gonna go up to the … At some point before 1984, he moved to Quahog (although this is contradicted in Field of Streams when he is shown at Stoolbend High). Robert Tubbs | Willy Nilly | None of the members of The Brown-Tubbs Family are innocent, as each individual member is villainous in one way or another. Roberta is a defiant, truculent, and rule-breaking teenager, with no respect for authority. Rallo Tubbs, Recurring Characters Principal Farquhare | Dr. Fist | Brown-Tubbs Family is the intermittently villainous family from the FOX Animated Sitcom, The Cleveland Show. Arif Zahir, known for his impressions of Cleveland Brown from "Family Guy," has gone from mimicking the character to actually playing him. Cleveland Orenthal Brown was born sometime during the '70s, to LeVarand Evelyn Brown in Stoolbend, Virginia, after being conceived during the 7th inning stretch of a Cleveland Indians game. Bobby Briggs | Category page. On very rare occasions does he ever get angry, and even when he does, it takes a lot to make him feel that way. Category:Brown Family - The Cleveland Show Wiki - Seth MacFarlane's New Series. Family Guy has found its new Cleveland Brown. On & Off Family. 87. Mrs. Nerse | Games Movies TV Video. Judas Iscariot | A white man has been doing the Cleveland Brown voice for 20 YEARS! Lois Griffin | Cleveland Orenthal Brown, Sr. is a supporting character on Family Guy, and central character in the spin-off series, The Cleveland Show, which reduced him to a guest character on Family Guy … Derek | Sheldon | Somali Pirates | I'm going to show you why you should never mail cash. Jane | He was first depicted as a very hyperactive boy and speaks quickly, with a rather short attention span. Hip Hop Illuminati (Will.i.am | Questlove | Nicki Minaj | Bruno Mars) | Car Driver, Guest Star Characters Here he met Peter Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, and, years later, Joe Swanson, who he became friends with. Zahir will take over as Cleveland … It wasn't until Peter constantly pressured him, that he finall… In June, voice actor Mike Henry announced he was stepping down from the role of Cleveland Brown… Hazel | He often acts as the voice of caution when other characters hatch harebrained schemes. Jamie, Karen & Becca | Franz Gutentag | In "The Cleveland Junior Cherry Bomb", Cleveland grievously mentioned that he lost his virginity when he was nine. Papa Bear | Svetlana | Fern Stapleton | Brown Family